CALL / TEXT HOTLINE: 1-802-483-3684 (DOUG)

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Here at DoubleDOUGS we recognize that addiction is no a joking matter. Statistics show that 40% of Thrillhos who enjoy recreational DOUGS live above the influence. Guess how the other 60% live? Yep. You guessed it. The other 60% of Thrillhos live gathering in secrecy. Flying high as a kite outside of the boundaries to get their kicks.

Don’t ignore the problem because DoubleDOUGS experts point out they can make a helpless addict out of every Thrillho within minutes of exposure. Thrillhos who routinely watch DoubleDOUGS may feel overwhelmingly kick-ass. Should you ever be confronted with the temptation of using or watching DoubleDOUGS unsupervised… DON’T DO IT.

Now. Are you ready to ask and seek the help you deserve? You have the right to say no. No, not directly to us or anything like that, but there are operators always, almost never standing by at the DoubleDOUGS Hotline. You can seek other assistance from the numerous DOUGS Abuse Resistance Education Centers and support groups across the nation and the rest of the cyberspaces.

Please contact the DoubleDougs hotline before using over-the-counter DOUGS. Possession of illegal DOUGS can be considered a criminal offense in some counties. You could be detained by the Für Elise Police for DOUGS trafficking and probably other DOUGS related crimes, too.