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Debut on Twitch: January 19th, 2017 ⚡
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DoubleDOUGS are two floating heads sent to the internet for your entertainment and gaming pleasures. Discovered in some kind of interstellar-cyberspace back door, DoubleDOUGS are brought to the world wide web by a mixture of certifiable engineers, scientists, programmers, and other executive/creative types.

'DOUGS have custom anatomically correct physiques available, but due to current budget cuts, a growing list of demands, and uncontrollable glitches, the Dream Team is only able to render their dynamic heads in this dimension. Hold on to your butts because they don't have 'em!

Have you noticed broadcasts that are DOUGS-LESS? Unfortunately, that's not uncommon. Sometimes the Dream Team can experience issues locating DoubleDOUGS. Glitches tend to happen when retrieval complications occur and it can affect the dynamic rendered heads. CALL IT A BITCHIN' GLITCH, YA?!

DoubleDOUGS dig playing console and PC games. A list of titles will be released when you can meet their LIST OF DEMANDS.

Any tips sent will be disbursed to the proper sectors affected by the never-ending budget cuts and LIST OF DEMANDS.

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Be kind, rewind.
Be a buddy. Buddy-boom?
Don't be garbage.
Be excellent to each other.



Original Music and Theme Song by Jason Paris — ParisInStereo

Business inquiries? Want to give us something for free? Sponsorships even? What if you have something to say? Want to get involved? All great questions! The DoubleDOUGS Dream Team Association Inbox is always open.